Misconception #1: Colloidal silver causes cancer.

There is no statistically significant scientific evidence that links the ingestion of colloidal silver with an increased risk of cancer. In fact, some evidence to the contrary was presented in an article for pet lovers, “Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol for Dogs and Other Animals,” by researcher Tony Isaacs.

The article commends colloidal silver for its curative effects on fatty tissue cancers in pets. The article also suggests silver as a treatment for and preventative against parvovirus. Colloidal silver also shows some effectiveness in treating pet joint problems such as arthritis. Perhaps future studies will show this effectiveness in humans too. In fact there are some studies showing that silver is effective against cancer. One example of a study showing “antiproliferative” (read anti-cancer) effectiveness is the one named Anti-proliferative activity of silver nanoparticles; PV AshaRaniM Prakash Hande* and Suresh Valiyaveettil; BMC Cell Biology 2009, 10:65

There are several mechanisms by which silver can prevent or treat cancer. 

Again as described elsewhere, we are only talking here about spherical, uniform silver particles of a certain diameter considered safe. They are safe and when coated they are even safer!

However, it is only natural that other type of metal particles – of different sizes or “spiky” shapes, are likely to produce chronic irritation and a possibility of promoting cancer.

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