Misconception: Colloidal silver can improve or strengthen the immune system.

Like all antibiotic treatments, colloidal silver is not capable of much influence on the immune system. Antibiotics kill bacteria, they don’t “stimulate” the immune system.  The only immune help the body gets is that because they kill bacteria, the immune system has less bacterial load to kill, therefore is less overwhelmed when killing the remainder of the pathogens. However, any direct immune system boost is minimal at best.

In addition, just like all other antibiotic treatments, some silver can affect the amount of good bacteria inside the body, such as in the gut, but the reduction is not substantial. There are known colloidal silver brands like ours that are shown to IGNORE beneficial bacteria of the gut. Anyway, colloidal silver 10 nm is so small that it passively diffuses or is absorbed quickly, far before it reaches the beneficial bacteria situated much lower in the intestinal tract. Most ionic silver interacts with stomach acid and is absorbed as silver chloride.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that those partaking of colloidal silver treatments pay close attention to proper nutrition.

It is worthy to note, also, that some recent research indicates that silver nanoparticles may boost TLRs (toll like receptors – which are protein receptors in the plasma membrane of macrophages), which are involved with the human immune system; however, much more research needs to be done before conclusive results can be determined.  

In conclusion colloidal silver may be of some indirect help or may ease up the work of the immune system, but it does not directly improve or strengthens it.

“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”