About Us

About Us

About Us

Noble Elements LLC is an innovative company founded by Dr. Calin V. Pop and Nodari Rizun, with technology developed by Professor Dan V. Goia Ph.D.

The brand we started is called “Coated Silver”, in honor of an exclusive technology we use to make our colloidal silver.

Our vision is to make the world a healthier place with Coated Silver for humans, in supplements, foods, water, and air… Anywhere, where a human immune system needs extra support.

All our founders have diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. What unites us is a belief in better health, as well as being different, progressive, and innovative in how we develop and grow Coated Silver. We shall never trade our social and scientific integrity of profits.

About Us

Our joint experience is over 85 years in the fields of world-class chemistry, traditional and integrative medicine, international law, business and making a world a healthier place and better place to live.

We focus heavily on helping the populations in need of Coated Silver anywhere on the planet, without discrimination based on race, geography, religion, political views, sexual orientation, social status.

You will find Coated Silver not only in US, Canada, EU, UK, but you will also find us in Venezuela, Iraq, African Countries, and many others where help is needed.

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About the Technology
About Us

Coated silver contains highly dispersed uniform nanoparticles manufactured according to a process developed by Prof. Dan Goia and his team at Clarkson University. The technology is described in US patent 7,842,274 (November 30, 2010) to which Noble Elements LLC has full rights. Dr. Goia presently supports Noble Elements providing technical expertise related to the characterization and properties of silver nanoparticles incorporated into Coated Silver.

The product is engineered and manufactured in The USA in one of the best nano-technology laboratories with state of the art equipment. The concentration, stability, uniformity of particles and safety coating of C Silver are unmatched in the world.

The silver particles are each coated with a natural and biocompatible polysaccharide that allows silver ions to disperse. This is important as silver ions are the true antibacterial fighters. Colloidal silver provides a gentle steady supply, like a reservoir, of silver ions as opposed to transparent ionic silver which is too aggressive. We have by far the most concentrated, gentle and most stable nano bio-silver available on the market.


About Us

Our Colloidal Silver concentrate can be diluted in water, soups, tea, soda pop, coffee or any other water-based liquid you may think of.

Our colloidal Silver Concentrate comes in a 5 cc vial giving you 83 drops, enough for 8-10 treatments or many months of prevention. A usual dose of one drop (there are 16-17 drops per cc) in your liquids every day or every other day will treat most infections if taken for a week or so, or simply adding just one drops in any liquid per week daily will give you prevention. Why do I say our colloidal silver is different and why do I call it a concentrate? Because our colloidal silver solution is so concentrated that you can dilute it 20-25 times and it will still be more concentrated than all commercially available products on the market right now.

About the Competition
About Us

What About Colloidal Silver Competition? We beat by far any and all colloidal silver competition.

COATED SILVER VERSUS COMPETITION By far the best and safest silver to be ingested Unmatched, particle size, consistency, and stability. There is no other product that comes even close.

Best & Highest Stability in Water Based Liquids Benefit: Can be used in paints, soft drinks, soups, oils, food.

Best & Highest Concentration in The World 20,000 PPM Benefit: Easy, Inexpensive to Dilute and Transport.

Best & Highest Particle Uniformity Benefit: Reliable, No Clumping, Safer as no trapping in the body.

Best & Highest Stability in Time Benefit: Practically Unlimited shelf time Advanced Nano-Technology, Researched and Reliable Benefit: You Can Trust This Product Unlike the Competition.

Coated Silver Is: Best in the World, Researched, Highest Quality, Stable Professionally manufactured in the USA in most advanced laboratory True Colloidal Silver (not ionic) Does not clump, settle or agglutinate Gentle, non-reactive, chemically inert – no damage to surrounding tissues.

About Us

Best and safest silver to be ingested.

  • In preliminary testing does not affect beneficial bacteria
  • Does not interact with biological structures (like ionic)
  • Does not block enzymes and metabolism (like ionic)
  • Does not damage or modify proteins (like ionic)
  • Gentle non-caustic antimicrobial agent
  • Does not get trapped in the body – the body can cope and eliminate this kind of silver
  • What you cannot get anywhere else is the coating. Our silver particles are all individually coated allowing particles stability.

About Us

None of the competition colloidal silver is coated.

COMPARISON ANALYSIS OF TOP 5 COMPETITORS: We chose 5 top competitor selling brands. Each competitor was given a color and a shorter name and spectroscopy (UV-Viz) were performed.

Here are the results: According to this only 2 competitors out of 5 have colloidal silver inside, however, we strongly believe their silver is less uniform, bigger and less safe. Also please note the clear yellow of our silver AG-A. Fading or a darker hue denotes agglomerations and clumping of the particles together.

“Our silver particles stay separate and dispersed because of our proprietary biocompatible coating. B. Electronic Microscope Our silver (AG-A), definitely smaller, more rounded, and more uniform particles, where none of them are over 25 nm.”