Facts about Silver and its Many Uses

Silver is a precious metal that has been a valuable commodity around the world for thousands of years. Historically it was the key to wealth and was mined and traded for its reflective surface and pliability.

Industrial Silver’s Role in a Green Economy

The role of Industrial Silver has been significant, and that importance will likely continue over the next decade. If anyone thinks that silver is declining, there are tons of factors that are keeping demand for it high.

How To Use Silver to Purify Water

Our bodies need to be continuously hydrated; drinking plenty of water is the best way to do this. Having clean water to drink and for other home uses is crucial.

Colloidal Silver & The Herxheimer Reaction

Watch any commercial about prescription drugs, and you’ll hear a list of the potential side effects. Some side effects are mild, and some are a little more severe, but all medications sold in the U.S. must pass stringent tests for safety.

Use of Silver in the Prevention and Treatment of Infections

As medical science struggles to cope with a growing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, an ancient remedy has begun to re-emerge as a possible solution, silver.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Silver: An Ancient Remedy Rediscovered

There is a long, almost sacred history of humans harnessing the power of silver. It has been found in artifacts dating back to 4000 B.C.E.

The Story of Silver in the United States

Humans have held silver dear since antiquity. In the ancient world, silver held a cultural and religious value that rivaled gold and precious jewels.

The Benefits of Antioxidants for Overall Wellness

We’ve all heard the word “antioxidants,” but do we really know what it means? We know they’re supposed to be healthy for us, but how do they work? Where do they come from, and how do we know we’re getting enough of them?

Strengthen Your Immune System with Positive Thinking and Mindfulness

Your immune system plays a critical role in keeping you safe from illness and disease. A healthy immune system fights off infections, but a weak immune system will be more prone to infections and disease.

Surface Charge: Understanding the Ionization of Surface Groups

When two conductive substances in different states of matter interact, they generate a surface charge – the electrical potential difference between them at the interface where they meet.

Discover the Relationship Between Immune Health and Nutrition

When two conductive substances in different states of matter interact, they generate a surface charge – the electrical potential difference between them at the interface where they meet.

The Crucial Role of Hydration in Immune Function for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

The immune system protects the body from potentially dangerous germs, infections, and diseases. A healthy immune system is crucial for overall health and well-being, especially for athletes and people who punish their bodies with rigorous physical activity.

Layer: Understanding the Charge Distribution at Particle Surfaces

The atomic behaviors of particles and substances in specific conditions is a field of study that provides endless interest for casual and professional students of physics.

How to Improve Your Immune System: An Expert’s Guide

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense in the war against illness, disease, and injury. It is the body’s alarm system and defense mechanism against viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and other microscopic invaders.

Boost Your Immunity: Unleash the Power of Exercise for a Stronger Immune System

The benefits of regular physical activity are more important than most of us are aware of. It helps us get a better night’s sleep, lowers the risk of a variety of ailments, strengthens our bones and muscles, and improves mental health.