Calin V. Pop, M.D.

Internal Medicine, Functional, Integrative and Unconventional, Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Scientific Detoxification, Designer Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements, Nano Technology: Gold and Silver Health Applications, Integrative Health Insurance Optimization, Highly Personalized Treatment Programs

Present Location

Unique Healthcare Solutions; Private Practice

4215 Rachel Blvd. Spring Hill, FL.

1998 – Current


Internal Medicine Training; Yale University School of Medicine; New York Medical College Program; St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Bridgeport, Connecticut



Internal Medicine Training; New York Medical College; St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Bridgeport, Connecticut


Medical School

Institute of Medicine and Pharmacology

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

M.D. 1983-1989

Pre-Doctoral Education

Nuclear Physics and Electronics; Mathematics and Physics Lyceum #1

Cluj. Romania

B.S. Degree, 1982


State of Florida 1996 State of California 2018

Board Certified in Internal Medicine


Professional Experience

Internal Medicine Private Practice

4215 Rachel Blvd. Spring Hill, FL. 34606

1998 – Current

Heritage Health and Wellness Plan
CMO and Board Member

2016 - 2018

A Bella Spa and Wellness Center Medical Director and Coordinator

Homosassa Springs, FL.

2003 – 2004

Physicians Nutraceutical Laboratories, Inc.

West Palm Beach, FL.

2005 – 2003

Advisory Panel

Washington, DC

2000 – 2004

Medical Director, Internal Medicine Sugarmill Family Practice and Specialty Group

Homosassa, FL.

1996 – 1998

Medical Director Columbia Homecare

Crystal River, FL

1996 – 1998

Medical Review Advisor Unisys Corporation/N.J. Medicaid

Trenton, NJ


Memberships Past and Present

Doctors Without Borders
Tampa Bay Chapter of United Nations.
Red Cross International – Local Chapter
American Association of Physicians and Surgeons
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
American College of Physicians
American College for Advancement in Medicine
Alternative Therapies Medical Outcomes Association
CEO Space International


Telemetric Vacuum meter
Instant Diagnostic Kit for Diseases with Immunologic


Thrombolysis versus Invasive Therapy in Acute Myocardial
Bidirectional Endoscopies in Medical Practice (ACP-1996
The Symbolic Message of Illness (Award Winning Presentation)


In Active Search of Health
Bidirectional Endoscopies in Medical Practice
Hypothesis Bias in Scientific Research
Growth Hormone – A Miracle of Living Longer
Alternative Medicine – Allergies
Running the Healthy Way
ABC of Digestion

Books published

Dr. Pop’s Secrets Series of Books • 2017

What Your Doctor Never Told You
Inspirational health Advice for the Open-Minded

Health 101
Heart Disease

The Symbolic Message of Illness • 1999

An Adventure in knowing yourself

Life Extension Foundation of Scientific Protocols Textbook • 2000

Disease prevention and Treatment: Thrombosis Prevention

The Perfect Order of Illness • 2012

The Secrets You Need To Know To Be Well Again

The TRUTH About Colloidal Silver & Gold • 2014

The Real Science Behind The Hype

The Exhaustion Syndrome • 2016

What Your Doctor Should Really Be Telling You

The Exhaustion Syndrome for Executives • 2016

Simple Steps to Recovery and High Performance

The Exhaustion Syndrome for My Patients • 2016

Advice Your Doctor Always Wanted To Tell You and Never Had the Time

Books and medical programs in work

Book: The Health Code

Description of a 10 elements health code, to be applied in a specific order for ultimate health

Book: How to Naturally Prevent and Treat Cancer

Past Business Affiliation

Chief Medical Officer and member of the Board at Heritage Health and Wellness
plan – Your alternative choice in Healthcare. A most innovative health plan and prevention oriented health insurance.


Professional Affiliations

Clinical Research of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Spring Hill, FL. 34609


Hospital affiliations

Oak Hill Hospital
Spring Hill, FL


Spring Hill Hospital
Brooksville FL


Brooksville Hospital
Brooksville FL


Research Experience

Novartis CLAF237A23119

A multi center, randomized, open label, active controlled, parallel arm study to compare to compare efficacy of 12 weeks of treatment with vidagliptin 100 mg QD to TZD as add-on therapy in patients with Type 2 Diabetes inadequately controlled with metformin monotherapy in a community based setting


Patent Granted • March 2011

Method and System For Providing Advertisements/Messages Based On Bluetooth Technology with Adrian Pop

Patents Pending

Transport and Delivery Of Glutathione Into Human Cells Using Gold Nanoparticles.

Method for Precipitating Silver Nanowires From Homogeneous Aqueous Solutions – With Clarkson University, NY. Applications in Conductive Transparent Materials.

Method and Composition For Dispersion of Gold Nanoparticles. In collaboration with Clarkson University.

Indicator Incorporating Complex Properties of Systems – Example: Health Status Risk Evaluation and/or Stratification.

Innovative Products

1. Expert Health XS2: Medical Strength Ultra Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement

2. Power Source One — Premium Daily Vitamins, Energy and Anti-Aging Supplement

3. Gold Glutathione – Patent Pending– Antioxidant Deposited on Gold Nanoparticles

4. Coated Nano-Silver Colloidal Concentrate: The World Most Concentrated, Stable, Safe Colloidal Silver

5. Gold NTA – Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Medical Applications

6. Silver X – World Most Concentrated Non Coated Silver Nanoparticle Solution

7. Dr. Pops Health Indexes for Example: General Health Index, Cardiac Risk Index, Diabetes Risk Index, Exhaustion Index, etc.

8. Laboratory Based Personalized Educational Programs

9. RelaxNPlay – An innovative nutritional supplement for muscle cramps

10. Glucolinx – An innovative nutritional supplement for Diabetes

Project Products

1. Supplement Formulas Specific for Certain Specific Medical Conditions

2. Combinations of Innovative Products Above, Additions to Other Supplements

3. Innovative Supplement Food Related Delivery Modalities

4. Medical Innovations Combining Integrative Medicine, Medical Tourism and Health delivery to Other Countries.

5. A simple but powerful nutritional supplements for cancer prevention

Conceptual Projects and Interests

1. Role of New Patent Pending Gold Nanoparticles in Medical Applications

2. Role of Light and Sound Frequencies In Modifying Health Properties of Gold and Silver Nano particles