With so many illnesses coming from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, people are always looking for new ways to boost their immunities and neutralize these threats. In the modern world, people are especially interested in finding natural alternatives for immune support in hopes of staying healthy without the need for invasive medical care or prescriptions. One natural remedy that has gained traction in recent years is coated colloidal silver, an inexpensive supplement that offers a number of potential benefits.

What Is Coated Silver?

Coated silver is a special silver supplement made with advanced technology in order to maximize both safety and effectiveness. This supplement is composed of a solution that contains a specific concentration of silver nanoparticles. Each of these small particles is coated with a specialized material designed to prevent silver particles from sticking together and forming clumps. This coating also protects the particles as they move through your body, ensuring that they do not break down earlier than they should. Coated Silver - Ultimate Immune DefenseCoated silver supplements are usually available in the form of a liquid meant to be consumed orally. In many cases, people who take colloidal silver will mix a small amount of the supplement with a beverage of their choice. While some people take colloidal silver in hopes of improving a specific ailment, others take it every day as a general health supplement. People using coated silver for immune defense usually take it daily.

Does Coated Silver Boost Immune Function?

Because of FDA regulations, manufacturers of coated colloidal silver supplements are not permitted to make any claims related to disease prevention or treatment. However, studies conducted on colloidal silver
indicate that this compound has specific properties that make it a good choice for immune support. For example, research studies have shown that:

  • Colloidal silver has antibacterial properties. – Multiple research studies have verified that colloidal silver has the ability to destroy a bacterium. In fact, silver is often an ingredient in supplies used for sterilization in the medical field.
  • Colloidal silver has antiviral properties. – Some studies indicate that colloidal silver may act as an antiviral in some settings.
  • Colloidal silver has potential for use in the medical field. – Recently, researchers have been looking for ways to leverage colloidal silver’s antimicrobial properties within the field of medicine. In one experiment, researchers were able to infuse a bandage with colloidal silver. The addition of colloidal silver improved the bandage’s ability to prevent infection. Coated Silver - Ultimate Immune Defense

Why Is Coated Silver Best?

Coated colloidal silver is not the only silver supplement available on the market, so you may wonder what makes it the best choice. Other varieties of silver supplements you may see on the shelves include uncoated colloidal silver, silver hydrosol and ionic silver. Coated silver possesses clear advantages over each of these other options.

Uncoated colloidal silver is composed of silver particles that are not coated with any type of protective material. Because these particles are not coated, they are more likely to stick together within your body, forming dangerous clumps. The formation of clumps of silver dramatically raises your risk of experiencing side effects, such as argyria and organ damage. In addition, because the particles are not coated, they are likely to break down earlier than they should, which may lead to lower effectiveness and even digestive problems.

Coated colloidal silver is also superior to silver hydrosol and ionic silver. Both silver hydrosol and ionic silver include chemically unstable particles known as silver ions. These ions are not safe for consumption, especially in large amounts or on a regular basis. For this reason, coated colloidal silver is usually the better option. Colloidal silver contains no ions and will not produce unpredictable reactions or damage your body’s tissues. Coated Silver - Ultimate Immune Defense

Using Coated Silver for Immune Defense

Coated silver is typically safe when used for immune defense in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that silver supplements may interact with certain medications, such as antibiotics. If you are taking other supplements or medications, use caution when taking coated silver. Most people using coated colloidal silver for immune defense will consume a small amount of the supplement each day.

Not all colloidal silver supplements come with the same concentration of silver particles, which means that your dosage will vary based on the supplement you choose. Most people who take coated colloidal silver will not experience any serious problems, as long as the supplement chosen is safe and well-made. If you experience any side effects while taking coated colloidal silver, discontinue your use of the supplement and make an appointment with a healthcare provider if you think you may need treatment.

Coated Silver is proud to offer one of the best coated colloidal silver supplements on the market. Our supplement includes a high concentration of coated silver nanoparticles especially designed to pass through your body safely. Because the concentration of particles in our supplements is high, you only need a single drop of our coated colloidal silver each day for immune support. Please contact Coated Silver today to learn more.


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