Nodari Rizun

Nodari Rizun

General description

Nodari Rizun is an entrepreneur and an angel investor with a background in health, supplements, progressive pharmaceuticals, and international business.

Nodari’s core belief is that up to 95% of all global healthcare should result from natural health, preventative healthcare, and fusion of modern science along with historically proven health practices.


Nodari Rizun

Mr. Rizun is a radically green and social entrepreneur. Among his choices in developing, companies are refusing plastics in favor of alternative materials, increasing share of recyclables in production, donating substantial parts of profits to organizations like Greenpeace, Oceana Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Dunagiri Foundation.

Professional Experience
Nodari Rizun

2020-Current – Co-Founder of

2017-Current – Co-Founder and Executive Director of

2012-Current – Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Pü Brand

2007-2012 – Research and Development of novel generation of mineral pitch resins

2008,2012 – Attorney volunteer to both campaigns of the U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama

2004-2007 – PhD Candidate with the Department of East European Law, Hamburg University, Germany

2002-2004 – Attorney/legal consultant under auspices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

1997-2002 – Assistant to the CEO of the pharmaceutical corporation


Nodari Rizun

2004-2007 Graduate studies in legal sciences, Hamburg University, Germany. Thesis: “Legal and practical measures against elections irregularities in Russian Federation”.

Subjects researched: International standards of elections, deviation of CIS countries from international election standards, compliance of national legislatures with international election standards, elections observation.

1998-2003 Diploma in Jurisprudence, Moscow State University of economy, statistics and information science, Graduated at the top 3% of the class.

Specialization: Civil and constitutional law. Interests: International human rights, civil and migrants’ rights, lobbying, election law.

1997-2001 Diploma in Economics and Business Administration, Moscow State University of economy, statistics and information science, Graduated at the top 1% of the class. Specialization: Management and Organizational Efficacy. Interests: Health Oriented Businesses, Pharmaceutical and Supplement Companies development.

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish, German, Russian, Kabardian-Circassian

Awards, scholarships
Nodari Rizun

2004-2007 Scholarship of Friedrich-Naumann Foundation

2002-2003 UNHCR/Copernicus e.V. scholarship

2001 Taking it global. Youth in Action Award. Award for persons who have realized socially significant projects

1994-1995 Freedom Support Act Program Future Leaders Exchange Scholarship


Nodari Rizun

  • Device and method for dispersing paste-like or sticky nutritional substance in a fluid (US9903747B2)
  • Device and method for dispensing paste-like or sticky nutritional substance (US10184818B2)
  • Mineral pitch resin manufactured under a safe and low temperature procedure (US10130656B2)
  • Mineral pitch resin products and methods of manufacturing the products (US10967004B2)