More evidence is now available that shows how silver can be used for prophylactic and preventive uses. For one, it can enhance the immune response of adults and children alike. On the other hand, there has yet to be a global standard on the colloidal silver dosage for humans that will ensure safety when taking it via oral, topical, or nasal routes.

Colloidal silver has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, owing mostly to the growing concern over drug-resistant bacteria. Consequently, the need to find an alternative to antibiotics began to intensify and colloidal silver happens to be one of the strongest contenders.

One of the most frequently asked questions about silver being used for therapeutic care is, “What is the dosage of colloidal silver necessary to achieve both efficacy and safety?”. Another frequently asked question is, “How much colloidal silver per day should I take?”

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Colloidal Silver Uses and Dosage

Interestingly, what the scientific community is uncovering about the potential benefits of colloidal silver goes beyond its inherent bactericidal (bacteria-killing) and bacteriostatic (stopping the growth of bacteria) properties.

Studies on how it acts on viruses [1] to reduce virulence prove its potency. Several studies have delved into how it influences recovery from infections [2], as well as if it has any effect on improving the management of chronic diseases, including cancer [3] and HIV [4].

When you intend to supplement with silver, make sure to buy coated colloidal silver only. The first thing you must keep in mind is that silver preparations do not all have the same efficacy, stability, and safety profiles. Moreover, colloidal silver is currently approved for use as a dietary supplement only which means it can deliver added benefits to level up an immune response but is generally not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Colloidal silver is an approved dietary supplement providing benefits to the immune system. However, it is not generally used to heal, manage or treat diseases.

Many supplements sold in the market today are composed of free-form silver, silver hydrosol, and silver ions. However, only colloidal silver is backed by studies to result in positive impacts on the body. On the contrary, using uncoated colloidal silver could lead to adverse results.

So how much colloidal silver per day should take adults, children, and even pets? Our chart and dosage calculator will help you figure it out.

Colloidal Silver Dosage Chart for Adults

Coated Silver consists of true silver nanoparticles, uniformly sized between 10nm and 12nm [5]. Coated colloidal silver may be more easily assimilated and eliminated from the body [6]. Silver can have beneficial effects on the body. However, you should be extra cautious about how much colloidal silver per day you must take to avoid silver toxicity.

Below is a dosage guide for adults. Use this colloidal silver dosage chart to determine the recommended dosing and timing of intake depending on your health condition:

Coated Silver Doses No. of drops Frequency of Intake Max. Dose / day
Light Immune Support 1 per week prediluted in 120 ml of water, 1 tablespoon per day 171 mcg per day
Extra Support 1 per day 1 drop diluted in any amount of water 1200 mcg per day
Intense immune support 3 per day 3 drops throughout the day, diluted in any amount of water. 3600 mcg per day

For individuals who want to take Coated Silver to maintain or enhance overall health and well-being, once per week dosing should be enough.

Remember that taking more than the recommended dosage range of Coated Silver will not deliver positive results sooner. Neither doubling the prescribed colloidal silver uses and dosage multiplies the positive outcomes.

Those planning to use Coated Silver but who are under medication or taking other supplements should consult with their attending physician or a knowledgeable ayurvedic practitioner to avoid substance reactions.

Colloidal Silver Dosage for Children

Children may also take Coated Silver at half the colloidal silver dosage for adults suggested in the table above. Similarly, the purpose for supplementation, including the health status of a child must also be observed and used to indicate the appropriate amount of Coated Silver to be taken.

In any case, it is always best to consult with a physician or certified health practitioner before Coated Silver is administered as a supplement for children at any age.

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Dosage for pets

Dosage for pets

For pets dosage, use half of the recommended colloidal silver dosage for humans to support or boost immunity. The health condition of your cat, dog, rabbit or horse must also be taken into consideration when determining the right dose to administer. Use half doses of what is indicated for extra support and intense immune support where appropriate.

To prevent infections associated with household pets, dilute a drop of Coated Silver in a spray bottle. The amount of water inside can vary as long as there’s one drop sprayed on the surfaces that need to be disinfected. Use these to disinfect surfaces frequented by your pets and even for his clothes, toys, and other belongings.

How to Use Silver Supplements

How to Use Silver Supplements

Colloidal Silver dosage generally depends on manufacturer recommendations. The concentration of silver nanoparticles per drop is a key determinant.

More specifically, Coated Silver is presented in a highly concentrated format. View our colloidal silver dosage calculator to understand the obvious benefit of purchasing a concentrate. One drop can be diluted for as much as 2000 times and will still show a significantly higher amount of colloidal silver in parts per million compared to other brands of colloidal silver. Coated Silver should not be taken undiluted.
For more information about diluting Coated Silver and resulting savings, refer to the Dilution Calculator.

Why Coated Colloidal Silver is the Safest Silver

When you shop for the right colloidal silver to use as a supplement, expect to find commercially available silver in a wide range of presentations. Based on the best available research pointing to the beneficial effects of silver, colloidal silver delivers the highest and most potent level of efficacy.

Even then, obtaining ordinary colloidal silver alone does not guarantee efficacy, stability, and safety. On all three considerations, coated colloidal silver is supreme for two important reasons:

  • First, coated silver nanoparticles regulate the release of silver ions in the body. Manufactured with each silver nanoparticle covered with polysaccharide coating, Coated Silver releases silver ions in a controlled, highly regulated manner. That means the body is never overwhelmed with silver ions. That means you’re getting only what your body requires at any point in time.
  • Second, coated silver nanoparticles stay stable inside the body and are well-tolerated. Although the exact mechanism of action has yet to be fully understood, the benefits are well-supported by robust evidence from the scientific community. More importantly, coated silver exits the human system via normal excretory pathways and has been shown not to accumulate inside.

Coated silver is eliminated via normal bodily processes, and no evidence shows that it is accumulated inside the body.

Storage times and conditions

Storage times and conditions

Coated Silver practically does not expire if stored under the following ideal conditions to prevent it from becoming degraded:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not store where sunlight can reach it.
  • There’s no need to store it in the fridge or freezer.
  • The ideal storage temperature should be under 35 degrees Celsius.

When left on the shelf for years, remember to shake Coated Silver every 8 years. Its potency and efficacy will not deteriorate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we have been receiving from current and prospective users are listed below. If you have a burning question about Coated Silver that has not already been discussed here, please contact us and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

What is the proper dose of Coated Silver for the elderly?

Elderly adults may safely supplement using the adult dosage guidelines indicated above. Again, users must be observed for several days and any change in state of mind or health should be noted. Dosage and frequency must be adjusted accordingly if necessary.

How can Coated Silver be used to heal wounds or relieve eczema?

Coated Silver may be used topically to relieve eczema and inflammation. Use ¼ drop or 1 drop per bandage, depending on the extent of the affected area. Always spray in diluted form.

How can Coated Silver be prepared for nasal use?

Use Coated Silver as part of a neti pot solution. Make sure it is diluted before you use it to irrigate your nasal cavities. You may also use this with your humidifier. Simply add a drop to your normal solution and enjoy fresh air in your indoor spaces.

How can Coated Silver treat dog ear infection?

Do not drop the highly concentrated Coated Silver straight into your pet’s ear. Instead, get a 30ml cup of water and dissolve 1 drop of Coated Silver. Dip cotton buds into the solution and apply into your pet’s ears. Do the same repeatedly throughout the day so that up to 1 drop of diluted Coated Silver is applied in total.

Who Makes Coated Silver?

Noble Elements LLC is the company behind Coated Silver. Learn more about the company.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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