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Coated Silver is our unique technology colloidal silver with a high 20,000 ppm concentration and a very small and uniform particle size of about 10 nanometers. The particles are coated with a proprietary substance that protects the silver from being chemically active but allowing a slow release of silver ions. This slow ionic release is more than enough to achieve antibacterial concentrations while remaining incredibly safe and preventing tissue accumulation. Tasteless and requiring only one drop a day, you can boost your immunity simply and easily with Coated  Silver!

The slow release of silver is adequate for most antibacterial purposes while maintaining safety and not accumulating in tissues.

How is Coated Colloidal Silver different from Colloidal Silver?

Coated Silver is a game-changing colloidal silver. It is a concentrated anti-microbial and anti-viral liquid containing tiny individually coated floating particles of silver.

Coated Silver is a state-of-the-art, advanced true colloidal silver solution ready to be used for any antibacterial and antiviral applications.

Dan Goia patented Coated Colloidal Silver

The proprietary patented technology used to manufacture the exact 10 nm silver particles is the best in the world, designed by Dan Goia, a world-class Ph.D., professor of chemistry, nanotechnology, and bio-molecular sciences.

The product is engineered and manufactured in The USA in one of the best nano-technology laboratories with state of the art equipment.

The concentration, stability, uniformity of particles, and safety coating of Coated Silver are unmatched in the world.

The silver particles are each coated with a biocompatible polymer that allows silver ions to disperse. This is important as silver ions are the true antibacterial fighters. Colloidal silver provides a gentle steady supply, like a reservoir, of silver ions as opposed to transparent ionic silver which is too aggressive.

Coated Silver is by far the most concentrated, gentle, and most stable nano bio-silver available on the market.

Because of the coating, Coated Colloidal Silver concentrate can be diluted in water, soups, tea, soda pop, coffee, or any other water-based liquid you may think of.

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How does coated colloidal silver work?

How does coated colloidal silver work?

This individual coating of every single particle is what is changing the colloidal silver field in terms of safety. Each particle is individually coated with a proprietary substance that protects the silver from being chemically active but allowing a slow release of silver ions. Because of this coating, each particle of silver stands alone, it is not attaching to other particles or to tissues or enzymes, making it much easier to be eliminated.

The coating makes the particles stable, non-clumping, and allows them to remain small enough to avoid being deposited in the body’s tissues while being large enough for maximum effectiveness. This stability ensures the effectiveness will never deteriorate and makes it safe for daily consumption.

By coating the silver, the particles do not clump, remain stable, and are not deposited in bodily organs. All of this while maintaining effectiveness.

Until now colloidal silver and ionic silver were unsafe to ingest. Ingesting and retaining (trapping) too much silver (uncoated particles) ads to the accumulation of the total silver trapped in the body. When exposed to light the accumulated silver gives the skin the darker, bluish color.  However, to reach this level, one has to ingest a very, very exaggerated, and a large amount of silver. There are only a few cases reported and the bluish-grey color is the only issue. They have no other health problem due to silver unless one ingests absolutely exaggerated amounts and chokes with it.

How can we prevent this grey color and the silver trapping in the body from happening? We can do that by using the right silver particle size in the sweet spot interval of 10-20nm, and by individually coating each particle so that they do not clump together.  The coating has to be specially designed not to be toxic and to allow ions to diffuse into the solution. This special coating also offers the stability of the dispersion in time and prevents interaction and modification of cells and tissues. Coated Silver is a game-changer in the field of colloidal silver safety. The best coated colloidal silver can be found at It is so concentrated that one drop a day is all someone needs.

Only one drop is needed every day of the product concentrate.

Coated  Silver is the ultimate immune support supplement. This coated colloidal silver solution is at least 10 times more concentrated than most colloidal silver on the market. The coated silver particles are suspended in deionized water, ensuring safe and efficient absorption. Coated Silver is designed to be a powerful boost to your immunity, helping to maintain your health and provide extra defense during the cold and flu season.

Whether you’re preparing for cold and flu season or maintaining daily health, our Coated  Silver can provide a powerful boost to your immune system.

Benefits of Coated Colloidal Silver

  • Silver Particles Don’t Lose Efficacy in Complex Liquids Like Juices, Smoothies, Teas & Soups
  • Protects Silver Particles From Unwanted Chemical Activity & Allows a Slow Release of Silver Ions
  • Maintains Ideal Particle Size Uniformity – Silver Particles Do Not Get Trapped in the Body’s Tissues
  • Maintains Particle Stability Making It Have A Practically Unlimited Shelf Life
  • Higher Degree of Safety Than Ionic Or Larger, Uncoated Silver Particle Products