Coated colloidal silver is a popular dietary supplement that may be consumed for a variety of different purposes. While some people take coated colloidal silver only intermittently, others wonder if it is safe to consume this supplement on a daily basis. Below is some information to help you understand what coated colloidal silver is, how it works, and how to use it safely.

What Is Coated Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver itself is a supplement composed of neutral silver nanoparticles suspended in a liquid. It is intended to be added to the liquid of your choice for oral consumption. When colloidal silver is referred to as “coated,” this means that each particle of silver suspended in the supplement has a protective coating. The purpose of this coating is to prevent the particles from forming clumps in the body, which can lead to side effects and complications. This coating will also protect particles as they move through your body, which prevents them from breaking down too quickly in the digestive tract.

Coated colloidal silver is different from other silver supplements on the market, including bio-active silver hydrosol and ionic silver. While both of these other products contain silver ions, coated colloidal silver contains neutral particles only.

Coated Colloidal Silver Uses

People may consume coated colloidal silver for many different purposes. According to research studies, silver has antimicrobial properties. This means that it has the ability to destroy a bacterium or virus. For this reason, silver is sometimes added to cleaning products used for disinfection. Some people may also use colloidal silver supplements in hopes of supporting the fight against infection in their own bodies. In addition to using coated colloidal silver for immune system support, other people may take this supplement in hopes of improving the microbiome in the digestive tract. Studies have shown that probiotics exhibit more growth and activity when used in combination with the proper concentration of coated colloidal silver.

Coated Colloidal Silver Side Effects

Coated colloidal silver can often be taken without any serious problems. However, the ingestion of silver can sometimes lead to side effects and health concerns. For example, when silver particles build up in the tissues that make up the skin and mucus membranes, a condition known argyria can develop. This condition causes the skin and mucus membranes to appear bluish in color. It is often irreversible.

In some cases, taking silver supplements could also affect the vital organs, including the liver and kidneys. In addition, some people have reported digestive and/or neurological symptoms related to taking silver. In rare cases, silver allergy may occur as well. Side effects are more common when people take large amounts of silver or when silver supplements contain unsafe ingredients. For this reason, researching your options before beginning any colloidal silver regimen is highly recommended.

Colloidal silver supplements may interact with certain medications, such as antibiotics.

There are also some environmental concerns related to silver supplements and other products containing silver. Some experts point out that silver products could be harmful to aquatic ecosystems if disposed of improperly.

Can You Take Coated Colloidal Silver Every Day?

Many people wonder whether they can take colloidal silver each day for the purposes of boosting their immunities and general health. It is typically possible to take colloidal silver supplements every day without any serious side effects or complications. However, in order to take colloidal silver safely, you need to follow all guidelines from the manufacturer. Not all colloidal silver supplements contain the same concentration of silver particles, so dosage recommendations may not be consistent across different products. It is important to read the instructions that come with the colloidal silver supplement you have chosen to make sure you are consuming the proper amount each day. If any unwanted effects develop while you are taking a coated colloidal silver supplement, stop taking the supplement and get medical attention if necessary.If you are planning to take colloidal silver on a daily basis, it is also important to make sure you have chosen the right kind of supplement. Keep in mind that coated and uncoated colloidal silver products are not the same. Coated colloidal silver does not pose the same risk of side effects as other silver supplements because it does not contain dangerous silver ions. In addition, the protective coating present on each of the silver particles ensures that clumps will not form and that the body can process the supplement efficiently.

Choosing a Coated Colloidal Silver Supplement

The science behind coated colloidal silver’s benefits and safety is sound. However, every coated colloidal silver supplement on the market is different, so it is important to do careful research before you choose the supplement you will take. For the best results, select a supplement that includes safe, high-quality ingredients. It is also important to choose a supplement that comes from a reliable manufacturer.

Coated Silver is proud to offer one of the best coated colloidal silver supplements on the market. Our supplements include a high concentration of coated silver nanoparticles that have been designed to move safely through your body without forming clumps. Because our supplement contains a high concentration of particles, you need to consume a dosage of only one drop mixed into the liquid of your choice. Contact us to learn more!


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