Colloidal silver is a popular alternative remedy which may be used for a number of purposes. People have been known to take colloidal silver to prevent and treat bacterial infections, for antifungal purposes and to combat viruses. Colloidal silver may also be used to treat serious diseases or to boost general immune system function. In fact, prior to the development of antibiotics and other modern drugs, the use of colloidal silver for medical purposes was widespread.

Today, many people consume colloidal silver as a remedy and/or as a general supplement. However, like any other substance put into the body, colloidal silver comes with risks and the potential for side effects. For this reason, we recommend researching colloidal silver carefully before beginning a regimen. We also recommend choosing a safe, reliable product in order to reduce the risk of complications.

Possible Side Effects of Colloidal Silver

When someone takes colloidal silver, there is always a possibility of side effects. With extended use, the risk of side effects increases. Colloidal silver may be used as a topical agent, or it may be consumed orally. The highest risk of side effects comes with oral consumption of colloidal silver.


Perhaps the most well-known potential side effect of taking colloidal silver orally is argyria, which is a condition that occurs when silver particles build up in the skin and other tissues of the body. Over time, this can cause your skin and mucous membranes to take on a bluish-gray color. This discoloration of the skin is not particularly dangerous, but it is embarrassing and may be irreversible.

When silver particles are accumulating in the skin and causing argyria, it is likely that they will be accumulating in other locations as well, including vital organs. This can lead to even more serious health concerns.

Interference with Other Drugs

Certain prescription medications may not be as effective when you are consuming colloidal silver. For example, if you are taking certain thyroid medications or antibiotics, colloidal silver can interfere. This occurs because colloidal silver alters the way the body absorbs these medications.

Other Potential Side Effects

The specific risks of colloidal silver are not well understood. Some research has shown that taking a high dosage of colloidal silver for an extended period can cause neurological issues, liver damage and kidney problems. Colloidal silver may also contribute to digestive disturbances and headaches. In rare cases, silver allergy may lead to a serious reaction after taking colloidal silver.

It is important to note that side effects related to the consumption of colloidal silver are much more likely to occur when this substance accumulates in the body. For this reason, we recommend looking for products that are less likely to build up in tissues and disrupt important processes.

Minimizing the Risk of Colloidal Silver Side Effects

When you choose to take colloidal silver to treat any symptom or condition or as a general supplement, you will always be assuming some risk of side effects. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of side effects and serious complications. Some tips for ensuring that you are taking colloidal silver as safely as possible include:

1. Choose coated silver over ordinary uncoated colloidal silver.

When exploring colloidal silver products, you may notice that some are listed as “coated,” while others are not. In general, coated colloidal silver is much safer than standard, uncoated colloidal silver. Placing a coating on colloidal silver particles offers several benefits. First, the coating ensures that silver particles are uniform in size and shape. The coating also prevents these particles from forming clumps. When uncoated silver particles form clumps, they cannot be processed by the body properly. Instead, they accumulate in tissues and continuously release silver ions. Since many of the potential side effects of colloidal silver occur when it accumulates in the body, purchasing coated colloidal silver instead of uncoated silver products is highly recommended.

2. Choose the right potency.

The potency of different colloidal silver products varies. As with any drug or supplement, it is in your best interest to take the lowest effective dosage. Pay careful attention to the potency of the colloidal silver products you purchase. In addition, you should never take more than the dosage recommended by the product manufacturer.

3. Choose a reputable, reliable manufacturer.

The production of colloidal silver products is not standardized. For this reason, if you do not choose a reputable manufacturer, you may end up with poor quality products that may be ineffective and even dangerous. Before purchasing any colloidal silver product, investigate the manufacturer’s reputation and learn about the production process.

4. Look for a product with small, uniform silver nanoparticles.

In addition to choosing a product that offers coated colloidal silver, it is also important to make sure that your colloidal silver supplement contains small particles that are uniform in size and shape. This ensures that your body will be able to process the substance properly, minimizing the risk of buildup.

5. Discontinue your use of colloidal silver if you experience side effects.

Side effects are always a possibility when you take a supplement. If you notice any side effects when you begin taking colloidal silver, discontinue your use of the supplement as soon as possible. It is also important to report any side effects you may experience to your doctor after you have discontinued your use of the supplement.

Coated Silver: A High-Quality Reliable Option

In spite of the risks associated with colloidal silver, many people still choose to use this product as a supplement and/or an alternative treatment for a variety of conditions. With the right approach, colloidal silver can be consumed with minimal risks.

If you are thinking of using colloidal silver to treat any condition, support your immune system or for any other purpose, finding a high-quality product is essential. Coated Silver is proud to offer a specially formulated coated colloidal silver product that can be dissolved in virtually any liquid. Every particle is coated to ensure uniformity and to maximize safety. Please contact us today to make a purchase or to learn more about our coated colloidal silver products.


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