Coated Silver vs. antibiotics – summary:

  • Wide spectrum antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal – all in one
  • There is no resistance that develops to it
  • Protects and spares beneficial bacteria
  • Works faster, in hours
  • Has virtually no side effects
  • It is cheaper, less expensive
  • It is more effective as no resistance and wider spectrum
  • Ok to be mixed with alcohol and other medications
  • No expiration date, stable for decades
  • No negative immune effects, C diff. diarrhea
  • Helps antibiotics overcome antibiotic resistance
  • Can be abruptly discontinued without consequences
  • Continues to work in the body for weeks after discontinuing
  • Effective on military grade viruses
  • Don’t need to select appropriate antibiotic for appropriate condition – one product does it all


Colloidal Silver and in particular the safer and proprietary coated colloidal silver are different from antibiotics in many aspects. While both kill bacteria, there are many other benefits where colloidal silver is much superior to antibiotics.

While antibiotics selectively kills specific groups of bacteria, colloidal silver broadly kills mostly all the pathogenic bacteria. Colloidal silver has very potent antiviral activity where antibiotics have zero influence on viruses. This clear and easy differentiation is most striking.

Colloidal silver has a very broad spectrum  of  action. It works on most pathogenic bacteria, and also works very, very well on viruses – including viruses with military potential  –  a property  that antibiotics certainly don’t have. Silver also works on fungal organisms.

What are the other benefits of coated silver compared to antibiotics? One is the flexibility of dosing.   The dose we can give is very flexible and can be concentrated and diluted to perfectly match the recipient, whereas antibiotics are usually one or two doses fits all.

Coated Colloidal silver if responsibly manufactured (yes this is a big if) and used appropriately has no side effects. Compare this with lots and lots of side effects that antibiotics have (warnings and black boxes  on prospectus). Colloidal silver taken appropriately and responsibly has almost no potential headaches, fever, allergic reactions, premature deaths, upset stomach, muscle damage, hives, swelling of throat and suffocation. No irregular heart beats, seizures, fatal diarrhea or other deadly side effects.

One very important distinction: You may be able discontinue silver whenever you want, while antibiotics are mostly not advised to be stopped abruptly.

Coated colloidal silver has virtually no expiration date compared with most antibiotics expiring in 1-2 year or so. Professionally made coated colloidal silver ( does not interfere with food, drinks, other medications, time of the day or other factor like antibiotics do.

Coated Silver is gentle on the bowels, does not disrupt the immune system and the intestinal microbiome like antibiotics. Again, antibiotics generally destroys good and beneficial intestinal bacteria, while coated colloidal silver is proven not to.

Pathogenic bacteria does NOT develop resistance to colloidal silver like they do for antibiotics. There will be no antibiotic “apocalypse” when coated silver is used as an antimicrobial agent. It’s simple. When antibiotics don’t work anymore just use silver! Even more so, colloidal silver can rekindle and potentiate the effect of antibiotics and destroy the antibiotic resistance of some bacteria, making antibiotics effective again!

Price is another major benefit. Antibiotics may cost a little or a lot. Some antibiotics may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per week. Especially the intravenous hospital or military type of antibiotics are expensive. Coated Silver is extremely cost effective when diluted.

When opting for colloidal silver there is virtually no untreatable infectious disease where one would not consider using it. This is very much opposed to antibiotics which are given selectively in very specific conditions only and after matching the condition with the appropriate antibiotic. In other words antibiotics only work 50-80% even in conditions where we doctors are confident they will work. Coated colloidal silver should work in more than 99%.

Coated colloidal silver has high effectiveness, low cost and virtually no side effects.

Antibiotics can hike up drug and hospital costs, while colloidal silver does not.  The further the antibiotic resistance spreads, the more often common antibiotics—including many available as generics—must be retired. This means that ridding patients of infection requires longer and more expensive forms of therapy.

Silver works faster, often in hours, however, antibiotics work in days, or sometimes weeks and sometimes not at all.

Conclusion: Coated colloidal silver due to enhanced safety features and effectiveness is safer, cheaper, more effective, more stable, longer lasting, faster acting, with no side effects or resistance.

Professionally made specially coated colloidal silver ( is a much better choice than antibiotics.