Throughout history, silver has been used in the medical field, as well as in other industries. At times, it has been used as a biocide to disinfect by killing bacteria and other microbes. Prior to the invention of broad-spectrum antibiotics, silver was also used as a treatment for infections of various types. With the recent concern surrounding the coronavirus and other dangerous viral illnesses, many people are now wondering whether colloidal silver could be effectively used to kill viruses. Below is some information to help you understand the potential of colloidal silver as an antiviral agent.

About Colloidal Silver

Most colloidal silver supplements are a liquid solution that contains small particles of silver. A true colloidal silver supplement will not contain silver ions. Colloidal silver supplements are usually consumed by mouth in small amounts. Although the FDA does not allow manufacturers to make any claims related to colloidal silver’s ability to prevent or cure any type of disease or condition, many people still consume these supplements in hopes of boosting their immune response and/or improving specific symptoms.

Colloidal silver supplements are available in two main forms: coated and uncoated. While coated colloidal silver supplements include a coating on each silver particle to prevent clumps, uncoated colloidal silver supplements do not. In general, coated colloidal silver supplements are much safer and may be more effective than the uncoated variety.

Can coated colloidal silver kill viruses?

Colloidal Silver and Viruses: Relevant Research

Because colloidal silver has already been established as an effective antimicrobial against bacteria, many researchers have examined this substance’s ability to combat specific viruses as well. The results of these studies have been largely encouraging, indicating that colloidal silver may have potential to act as an antiviral agent. In one such study, researchers looked at the ability of colloidal silver to destroy the HIV-1 virus. This study produced positive results, indicating that colloidal silver could combat this dangerous pathogen.

In another study, researchers reviewed an array of relevant research articles published on colloidal silver. In the review, it was determined that silver nanoparticles are effective against most enveloped viruses. Many of these studies found that viruses were destroyed within seconds of being exposed to silver particles. However, these studies were conducted outside of the human body, so it is difficult to determine whether the results would translate to the use of colloidal silver as a supplement.

The research into colloidal silver’s ability to combat viruses is ongoing. It is likely that additional evidence will be available in the future. Can coated colloidal silver kill viruses?

Silver in the Medical Field

The antimicrobial properties of silver are already well known within the medical field. In fact, silver is listed as an ingredient in some products used for sterilization or sanitation purposes in medical settings because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. New research is now available to show that colloidal silver can even be used to improve the effectiveness of bandages in the prevention of wound infection.

Nonetheless, coated colloidal silver supplements are not recognized as a standard treatment for viruses or any other infection. In fact, because the FDA has not approved colloidal silver for this purpose, it cannot legally be marketed as an antivirus product for human consumption. However, many people still choose to use this supplement to support their health. To use coated colloidal silver as safely and effectively as possible, it is important to choose the right supplement.

Should I Take Coated Colloidal Silver for Viruses?

Healthcare professionals do not generally promote coated colloidal silver as a treatment for viruses, and it should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care if you are experiencing symptoms of a virus. However, coated colloidal silver can still be taken safely for immune support, as long as you do your research and choose the right product.

Many different silver supplements are available on the market, and not all of these supplements are the same. In fact, some of these supplements may even be dangerous. For example, supplements labeled as “silver hydrosol” or “ionic silver” often contain dangerous silver ions that could build up in your body and increase your risk of side effects, such as argyria and organ damage. These supplements may also be less effective at helping you achieve your intended goals. Can coated colloidal silver kill viruses?

When choosing a coated colloidal silver supplement, pay careful attention to the claims made by the manufacturer. Verify that the supplement you choose contains small particles of colloidal silver, preferably protected by a coating. To ensure that these particles are able to move through your body safely, make sure the supplement you choose promises uniformity in both size and shape. It is also a good idea to investigate the manufacturer itself to make sure past customers have had positive experiences.

Coated Colloidal Silver as a Supplement

If you are planning to take coated colloidal silver, the supplements available from Coated Silver offer advantages that cannot be duplicated. Coated Silver’s supplements contain small silver nanoparticles especially designed to be the same size and shape. Each of these particles has a protective coating to reduce the risk of clumping and other side effects. Please contact Coated Silver today to learn more about our products or to make a purchase.


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