Colloidal silver is a solution composed of solid silver particles suspended in distilled water. This substance may be used for a variety of purposes, from keeping liquids fresh to preventing serious bacterial infections. Research has shown that colloidal silver may even be effective against viruses. Below is some information about the existing research on colloidal silver, the way colloidal silver impacts viruses and how you can use this substance safely.

Research on colloidal silver supports many of its uses, both in the medical community and within other industries. For example, according to an article published in Frontiers in Microbiology[1], colloidal silver has verified antimicrobial properties. These properties stem from colloidal silver’s ability to adhere to microbial cells and penetrate inside them, altering the way they function. Some experts even suggest that colloidal silver could improve the effectiveness of a broad-spectrum antibiotic produced for medical use.

Because colloidal silver has been shown to be effective against bacteria, it is only natural to wonder whether it could be useful against viruses as well. For this reason, multiple research teams have been exploring this possibility for the past several decades. So far, findings have been mostly positive when it comes to colloidal silver’s antiviral properties. For example, in a 2011 review[2] of available studies, researchers found a wealth of evidence indicating that silver nanoparticles can have an effect on enveloped viruses, regardless of whether the virus has a DNA or RNA genome. In a study[3] entitled “Antiviral Properties of Silver Nanoparticles on a Magnetic Hybrid Colloid,” researchers also discovered that silver nanoparticles have a potential for both antimicrobial and antivirus purposes.

Some studies have analyzed the effect of colloidal silver on specific well-known viruses, such as HIV. In a 2005 study published in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology, researchers set out to evaluate the interactions of silver nanoparticles with the HIV-1 virus. This study, which was the first to explore silver’s effect on HIV, utilized nanoparticles with a variety of shapes and sizes. Researchers found that the viral particles that were exposed to silver were not able to bond with host cells, indicating true potential for silver nanoparticles to combat the HIV virus.

It is important to note that multiple research studies[4]  a lso show that colloidal silver can be toxic when used improperly or consumed in the wrong form. For this reason, it is important for people who want to take advantage of the positive effects of colloidal silver to choose the appropriate product and use it only as recommended. Any concerning side effects should be reported to a medical professional.

How Does Colloidal Silver Kill Viruses?

Viruses work inside the human body by invading cells, taking control of the nucleus and then using the cell for replication. When the cell is infected with virus, it becomes more primitive and delicate in structure, making it easier to destroy. When put into close contact with colloidal silver, researchers have found that viruses can be effectively destroyed in a matter of minutes. Many researchers believe that colloidal silver destroys viruses in the body by interrupting the replication process.

Even outside the body, colloidal silver can still destroy viruses. When used to treat surfaces, this substance can severely limit the ability of most viruses to survive and infect a host. In fact, the EPA has even approved a liquid spray disinfectant containing colloidal silver for use in educational facilities, industry and businesses.

Using Colloidal Silver Safely

Based on the available research, it is clear that colloidal silver has many potentially useful properties. One such property, specifically the ability of colloidal silver to destroy a virus or another type of pathogen, is particularly interesting in today’s world. However, it is important for anyone considering the use of colloidal silver for prevention or cure to consider the potential for side effects and complications. For example, in high concentrations, colloidal silver can be toxic. It may also cause a rare side effect known as argyria, which causes the skin to take on a bluish tone.

However, when using a safe colloidal silver product, the risk of serious side effects is low. Many of the studies carried out to determine the safety of silver ingestion use silver nitrate, which is much more concentrated than colloidal silver. Even when ingesting high amounts of colloidal silver, the bioavailability of this substance within the body makes it difficult to accumulate a dangerous amount. Exceptions occur when the particles of silver consumed are particularly large or irregularly shaped. These large and irregular particles are more likely to accumulate in organs and other tissues, leading to inflammation and other effects of toxicity.

You can use colloidal silver to support your immune system and kill viruses safely by choose a product that has been properly refined and tested.

Coated Silver: Support for Your Immune System

In addition to combating viruses directly, colloidal silver may also boost the effectiveness of your own immune responses to viruses and other dangerous pathogens. Silver particles may be beneficial to the immune system in several ways. Specifically, these particles may improve your immune system’s ability to recognize dangerous pathogens, allowing your body to eliminate them before they are able to cause a serious infection. Silver particles may also enhance the effects of antibiotics taken to fight off an existing bacterial infection.

If you are interested in using colloidal silver to support your immune system and/or prevent viral infections, it is important to choose an effective and reliable product. Colloidal silver may be available from a wide variety of manufacturers and sources, and not all of these products will offer the same benefits. Perhaps more concerning, some products with poor design or quality control may even be dangerous. Coated Silver is especially formulated with a high concentration and a small, uniform particle size. Each tiny particle of silver is individually coated to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. This antiviral liquid can be dissolved in almost any liquid, allowing you to choose the delivery method that works best for you. With coated silver, you can improve your immune function and protect yourself from viruses with little to no health risks. Contact us to learn more or place your order today!


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