With more people looking for natural methods of dealing with health concerns and/or improving the body’s natural functioning, it is no surprise that both colloidal silver and probiotics have seen an increase in popularity. Both of these are natural alternatives to modern medicine that may be used for the purpose of boosting immune system function. In fact, some research has shown that these two methods can be even more effective when used together.

About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a supplement that may be available in the form of a liquid intended to be consumed or a topical application for the skin. Some people take this supplement for the purpose of treating or preventing specific ailments, such as infections. Others may use it on a regular basis as a general supplement. Coated colloidal silver and probiotics

About Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria that have a positive impact on your body’s functioning, especially within your digestive system. In fact, your digestive system requires some of these organisms in order to work properly. For some people, however, levels of probiotics can fluctuate over time. They can also drop dramatically in some circumstances, such as after a round of antibiotics. For this reason, many people consume probiotics in the form of a supplement.

Colloidal Silver and Probiotics

Colloidal silver and probiotics are sometimes used together in order to maximize the effectiveness of both supplements. In fact, studies have supported the ability of coated colloidal silver to improve probiotic effectiveness. One such study explored the effects of using coated colloidal silver supplements with a specific probiotic supplement known as “Theralac.” This study investigated both the growth of the probiotics contained in Theralac, as well as their level of activity. Measurements were taken when Theralac was used alone, used in a protocol that combined with 9.25 ppm coated colloidal silver and used in another protocol that combined 18.75 ppm coated colloidal silver. Both the combination of Theralac and 9.25 ppm coated colloidal silver and 18.75 ppm coated colloidal silver resulted in an increase in probiotic growth and activity over the control of Theralac alone. Growth was highest when 9.25 ppm coated colloidal silver was used, while activity was highest when 19.75 ppm coated colloidal silver was used. These results indicate that using coated colloidal silver in combination with probiotics could make these supplements more effective. Coated colloidal silver and probiotics

Advantages of Coated Colloidal Silver

If you are planning to combine probiotics with colloidal silver, using a coated version of this supplement is essential. Only coated colloidal silver provides the advantages necessary to ensure that you receive all the benefits of taking silver and probiotics together while also minimizing risks. Coated colloidal silver offer several advantages over other versions of silver supplements, including:

  • Less clumping – Coated colloidal silver supplements are different from uncoated supplements because they have a coating on each nanoparticle. This coating ensures that the particles will not clump together, allowing them to pass through your system. Uncoated particles, on the other hand, may form clumps in your organs, as well as in other tissues within your body.
  • Less breakdown in the intestines – When coated colloidal silver particles reach your intestinal tract, they have a protective coating that prevents them from breaking down sooner than they should. Uncoated particles, on the other hand, do not have this coating.
  • Lower risk of side effects – Because coated colloidal silver products do not bind together, your body is able to process and excrete them properly. This means that you won’t have as high of a risk of some side effects that can occur when silver particles build up in your body, such as argyria and organ damage.
  • Slow, controlled release – Coated colloidal silver contains slow-releasing particles that do not produce any uncontrolled reactions in the body. Exposure to coated colloidal silver will not lead to disruptions in metabolic processes or denaturing of proteins. Coated colloidal silver and probiotics

Should You Take Coated Colloidal Silver with Probiotics?

If you are thinking about taking probiotics to improve the balance of bacteria within your intestines, you may be wondering if you should incorporate coated colloidal silver into your daily supplement regimen as well. This approach may not only improve the effectiveness of the probiotics you are taking, but it may also provide added benefits to the immune system and your overall health.

If you choose to combine coated colloidal silver and probiotics, it is important to look for the best supplements on the market. Not all of these supplements offer the same level of quality or safety. When selecting a coated colloidal silver supplement, for example, it is important to look for a supplement that includes small nanoparticles that are also uniform in shape. Likewise, it is in your best interest to choose a supplement produced by a reputable manufacturer that is willing to be transparent about
the technology used to create their supplements, the contents of the supplement and its concentration.

When taking any colloidal silver supplement in combination with probiotics, remember to follow the manufacturers’ instructions carefully. You should never take more of either supplement than the maximum dosage recommended by the manufacturer. If you begin to experience side effects while taking this combination of supplements, stop using the supplements and seek medical attention if necessary.

Try Coated Silver

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