Very few studies on the interaction of silver nanoparticles and probiotics are available. The focus is usually on the widely spreading use of nanotechnology across industries.

There are several studies of silver nanoparticle use in the food industry. These studies provide evidence as to how silver nanoparticles affect the microorganisms in the gut. Today, it’s not unusual for food manufacturers to line food packaging with silver nanoparticles. By taking this extra step, microorganisms are prevented from growing.

What are probiotics?



What are probiotics?Probiotics are fermented bacteria known to improve health when ingested or applied to the body. Probiotics often make use of species from Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium groups. [1]

These are also known as ‘good bacteria’. These microorganisms play a key role in creating the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. When the gut microbiome is active, your energy levels are enhanced. Your body is better capable of extracting, absorbing, and using up essential nutrients from the food you eat. It also improves the collection and excretion of wastes and toxins from the body.

When probiotics fail to thrive, ill health and disease follow.

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When Coated Colloidal Silver and Probiotics Combine

One of the most common concerns raised is the safety of taking probiotics and colloidal silver together. Probiotics are natural supplements that promote the growth of good bacteria. In contrast, colloidal silver is well-known for its powerful antibiotic properties.

In a study conducted using Theralac* (Theralac is a registered trademark of Master Supplements, Inc. ), researchers compared the rate of probiotic growth in the gut. Theralac* is a probiotics brand. The study aimed to find out how taking colloidal silver with Theralac will affect the growth of probiotics.
When Coated Colloidal Silver and Probiotics Combine
There were three control and experimental setups prepared. In the first set, only Theralac* was administered. In the second, Theralac* was combined with colloidal silver at a concentration level of 9.25ppm. In the third set, Theralac* was combined with18.25ppm colloidal silver.

The researchers measured the growth of probiotics across the three preparations by observing turbidity. A higher level of probiotics growth in the two groups that combine colloidal silver and Theralac* was observed. The trend was detected as early as the first hour of introduction.

Another important finding is that doubling the dose of colloidal silver will not increase the rate of growth of probiotics. Thus, a minimal dose of colloidal silver is sufficient to support a higher rate of growth of probiotics vs. control. [2]*

…small doses of colloidal silver promotes the growth of probiotics versus control samples.

There are other factors that influence the rate of probiotics growth in the gut and intestinal lining. That includes formulation, individual health, and gut environment.

How silver nanoparticles and probiotics react may depend on the formulation of each one. The specific species of probiotics used will also be a contributing factor. Taking together nanosilver and probiotics affect the gut in relation to other factors. Two of the most important ones being the health of the host and the composition of his microbiome. [3]*

Is it possible to take colloidal silver and probiotics at the same time?

Yes, you may choose to combine the antibacterial property of silver and the good bacteria growth-enhancing effect of probiotics. There is no evidence of risks of that side effects can occur.*

There are benefits of taking coated colloidal silver and probiotics together. Immune response is positively affected differently. Coated silver works by killing harmful microorganisms. It can rid the human body of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to restore immunity.

On the other hand, probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria to keep bad bacteria at bay. Thus, the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut is restored and maintained.

Both improve your body’s ability to assimilate nutrients from the food you eat. That means your body can use up more of the vitamins and minerals you get from food. This helps enhance cellular repair and regeneration, as well as support other body functions.

How to take colloidal silver and probiotics together

How to take colloidal silver and probiotics together

Remember that it is safe to take colloidal silver and probiotics together. Still, you must ensure you’re taking only high-quality products. You should also take these only as instructed by the manufacturer or by your healthcare provider.*

The best way to take coated colloidal silver and probiotics is to take these at different times during the day. Or, at least take each one a few hours apart. Ideally, Colloidal Silver which has immunity supporting properties should be taken first. Then, followed by probiotics after at least 2 to 3 hours after.*

It pays to keep in mind that silver supplement products in the market are made using different techniques. These differences result in different products that give the silver nanoparticles varying properties.

Coated Silver is made to be superior. Unlike other colloidal silver brands in the market, it has:*

  • Up to 20 000ppm per drop, which is more economical for you*
  • Coating which promotes enhanced safety by preventing the release of toxic levels of silver in the body*
  • Pure silver neutral ions which is less reactive than ionic silver*
  • Unique properties that allow coated colloidal silver to pass through the body via normal excretory pathways.*

It takes 24 up to 72 hours for Coated Silver to exit the body. Take note that there are probiotics like Theralac* that can be taken twice weekly. Coated Silver recommends Theralac* as a high quality – potency probiotic supplement. These types of probiotics should complement colloidal silver supplementation better. By taking probiotics less frequently, they don’t constantly cancel out each other’s effects on the gut.

Probiotics and Coated Colloidal Silver are ideally taken with water. It may also be safely taken with coffee, tea, or any other liquid of your choice. Take note not to mix it with hot drinks which can decrease potency. In the case of probiotics, decrease the population of good bacteria in the formula.

It is best to take coated colloidal silver and probiotics with water.

*Theralac is a registered trademark of Master Supplements, Inc.

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