How Colloidal Silver Is Eliminated

To date, research tells us that the liver plays a primary role in the elimination of silver from the human body. Silver mixes with bile that is then excreted in the feces. Animal studies report that cumulative excretion levels were 90 to 99 percent.[1] Silver is also eliminated through the urine.

Roger Altman, EngScD (doctor of engineering science) used himself as a lab rat to investigate the accumulation and elimination of drinkable colloidal silver. While his study is technically non-statistically significant, due to a population of one, it provides much food for thought.

Altman consumed colloidal silver every day for about five and a half months. He drank 1mg/day for the first month, then increased to 2.34mg/day for the remainder of the study. Five days after his last self-administered treatment, Altman measured his first fecal and urine sample. Then, for five weeks, he collected samples once a week during a twenty-four-hour period. Subsequently, Altman reduced his twenty-four-hour sampling to once every three weeks. He sent his samples to a professional laboratory for analysis and used mathematical algorithms to calculate average results.

Altman found that the more silver there was in the body, the more was eliminated. As the silver levels drop, so do the amounts found in feces and urine. Altman feels that some residual silver probably remained in his body at the end of the study, after ninety-six days, but that the amount was insignificant.

Altman’s results appear to show that the human body first eliminates excess silver primarily via the urine. Over time, the amount of silver excreted in the feces rises. It is, therefore, evident that two separate elimination mechanisms function simultaneously, though some studies have found the opposite.[2] Altman also found that silver excretion via the urine can be facilitated by drinking a larger amount of water than usual.

Altman concluded that “ingestion of properly prepared CS (colloidal silver) does not result in silver accumulating in the body.” He checked his hair and fingernails and found no accumulation of silver. The rate and levels of silver that were eliminated after Altman stopped drinking the colloidal silver meant that not much of it remained in his body. In addition, it took a relatively short time for his body to get rid of the silver. The process was accelerated by drinking larger quantities of water, several quarts a day.

Colloidal Silver Conclusion 4:The human body is equipped to absorb colloidal silver. The body also has natural mechanisms to eliminate any unneeded/unwanted silver so excess accumulation does not occur.

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[1] “Silver in Drinking Water.”

[2] These researchers found that “Urinary excretion of silver is appreciably lower than biliary elimination.”