Misconception: Colloidal silver is harmful to the human body.

Anything can be harmful to the human body if it is taken in a high enough quantity. Intelligent moderation is often the key to safety. Previous chapters of my book discussed reliable research that shows conclusively that professionally made colloidal silver taken in appropriate quantities does not harm the liver, the kidneys, or the nervous system, nor has there been a body of significant evidence to show damage to the body in general.

The rare, few cases of argyria, while perhaps visually unsightly, have no other negative effect.  The cases of argyria were always a result of indiscriminate ingestion of immense quantities of non-uniform, non-coated colloidal or ionic silver which was self-manufactured, or manufactured in shady, questionable conditions. 

Keep in mind that in vitro studies of spherical silver nanoparticles showed no harm to cells if their sizes were kept between 10 and 30nm.

However, asymmetric and angled nanoparticles (triangles or star-shaped) may become locally harmful for many different reasons.

So you have to be careful what you buy, what you ingest and from where.

Well, like everything else, it seems!

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