Misconception: The information on colloidal silver is presented in a scientific way, by what appear to be reputable sources, so it must be true.

As is the case with any information supplied for advertising purposes, caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware).

Below are a few advertising nonsense perpetrated onto the public:

Our favorite blunders

  • Silver effectiveness is due to particle surface area – False! Surface area has very little to do with it. Ex: Best/ Highest surface area particles – Nonsense!
  • Clear silver is better than colored – False! Ingested clear silver is not safe!
  • True colloidal silver is better –False! All silver is “effective”, but safety is not the same. Coated colloidal silver is better – for safety and stability reasons.
  • Sub-nanometer, angstrom size particles, smallest on the market – False!  Nonexistent! A pure marketing ploy on unsuspected clients.
  • Monoatomic Silver – False!  Nonexistent!  A pure marketing ploy on unsuspected clients.
  • Ag4O4 – silver oxide coated multivalent – False!  Nonexistent!  A pure marketing ploy on unsuspected clients.
  • Best Bioavailability – False! Bioavailability is almost similar to all silver. It is safety and stability that counts!
  • Concentration determining effectiveness – Mostly false. Silver is effective at extreme low doses.
  • Amber glass or PET to preserve purity –False. Purity has nothing to do with the container!
  • Higher concentration takes you above safe limit – False. Safety limit is should be determined based on the type, coating, and more. There is no safety limit scientifically determined. The recommended limit is based on decades old estimates on ionic silver only.
  • No added salts, proteins or additives – Well this is a given to all reputable products!
  • Highest purity – What does this even mean? Compared to what?
  • Reagent grade deionized water used – This is normal, this is what all silver products should use.
  • Ozonated, distilled – False! Usually a marketing ploy on unsuspected clients.
  • Premium for immune support –False. Colloidal silver has little to do with immune support
  • The right dose, concentration, and particle size for safe and effective absorbtion – False! Guesswork, no one determined that yet. Pure unadulterated, seemingly believable nonsense.
  •  99% PURE silver, purest ingredients – False! Purity is not the issue here. Safety and stability is. It implied that purity will give safety and stability which it generally does not. 99% is water, the silver is usually 100% silver because it is silver, but seems more believable to say 99.99%. Impurities – you see?
  • Clean, natural, taste like water  – False! It is not clean or natural. Colloidal silver is manufactured. It has generally no taste so it will taste like water because it is water.
  • Vegan, gluten free, non GMO – What? You must be kidding! This is SILVER and WATER!
  • GMP facility, FDA registered, in USA with state of the art equipment – Usually only partially true. All GMP certified facilities are FDA registered, state of the art means state of the art for the low quality silver. You need way more than that to make a stable, safe silver. Knowledge, know-how, personnel, technique, protocols, and more sophisticated operation that take days!
  • Scientifically tested – usually false! This statement means nothing. By what way? Appropriate? Where are the standards in industry. How about the chain of custody? Conflict of interest?
  • Used and recommended by doctors – Misleading. Companies present the product at a trade show and unsuspecting doctors, knowing little what to ask, will take it.
  • If no metallic taste it is not colloidal silver – False. Absolute and utter nonsense! Metallic taste appears only when home-made silver generators are used indiscriminately.
  • 98% bioactive silver ions in silver nanoclusters –False! Scientific nonsense and an impossibility! Silver ions are not residing in silver nanoclusters. Silver Ions are not “bioactive”. They simply interact with.


“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”